What is a Podcast, I Hear You Ask

(22:14:50) Rodney: But, yeah, an RSS feed is a way to get just little clips of a website sent to you automatically
(22:14:57) Rodney: Firefox calls them "live bookmarks"
(22:15:23) Rodney: Like, if I subscribe to Slashdot's RSS feed, I'll have a little orage wave icon on my bar
(22:15:47) Rodney: And if I click it, it's like showing the contents of a folder, but those contents are each of Slashdot's headlines
(22:16:17) Sean: interesting
(22:16:19) Rodney: Know it or not, your blog has an RSS feed
(22:16:39) Rodney: A podcast is just an RSS feed with an mp3 imbedded
(22:16:51) Rodney: Kind of like an audio blog
(22:17:04) Rodney: I've been finding a lot lately with people reading outloud
(22:17:14) Rodney: Cory Doctorow reads a lot of his own work on his podcast
(22:17:36) Sean: I can't read my own stuff very well
(22:17:40) Rodney: It's just called a "podcast" because the iPod is the predominant mp3 player of the day and it's like a broadcast
(22:17:49) Sean: oh
(22:18:11) Rodney: So, yeah, there's the answer to the question you asked, like, 20 minutes ago
(22:18:58) Sean: it's alright
(22:19:04) Sean: it's a good one
(22:19:25) Rodney: That's the kind of thing I used to write posts about
(22:19:36) Rodney: My blog's been more stagnant than yours
(22:19:56) Sean: heh
(22:20:10) Sean: at least yours is always interesting