If You Could Just Smell Them Too...

Okay, there are a few areas where eBooks don't measure up to their treeware versions: mainly look and feel (yeah, that includes smell). But, I have never minded that trade off for better useability and portability. But, the more and more I read digital texts, I'm finding even more to enjoy about them. My newest thing is a well-formatted eBook.

Past are my days of just converting plain text files to a Palm readable format, now that I've discovered Palm Markup Language. The program on the left was my first introduction to it, but the trial sucks and they charge $30 for what is more or less a glorified version of Notepad. But, then, I found PML from the same makers. Its funny how the free version is actually a lot more useful.


Skyler Is a Music Snob

My buddy Skyler at school is a metalhead music snob. He actually said that Evanescence sucks (sacrelidge!). As rediculous as that is, some good came of it. He recommended to me a band called Lacuna Coil. I guess he thinks any rock band with a chick singer is comparable. Beyond that one similarity, they're not really much the same. The girl's voice isn't half of what Amy Lee's is. They are still a very good band, though. I highly recommend them.I burned up a disc and put it in the CD player on the way to school last night, and my part-time chaufer and I started talking about obscure bands. He told me there's a band called Skindred that's, like, Jamaican metal. Well, they're from Whales, but they're kinda like regae metal. According to Wikipedia they founded a whole new genre called ragga metal. Ragga is short for raggamuffin music which is a variety of dancehall regae. I haven't listened to them yet, but it sure as hell sounds interesting.


So Pretty...

I'm gonna cry