As ridiculous as it sounds, this is a cool CD. Mashups seem to be what's got the RIAA all riled up lately. This particular mashup CD is a combination of Queen and 50 Cent.
The particular one the RIAA is targeting is American Edit, a bunch of Green Day mashups. I actually heard one of these on the radio last weekend. It was a Green Day song with an Oasis song. Really cool stuff. American Edit, though, has been given a cease and desist only 10 days after going up. If you're interested in mashups, you should check out Mashculture.

P.S. There's nothing like the feel of fresh-out-of-the-pack socks.
Dean Gray Tuesday


I Just Saw the X-Men III Trailer

I just saw the X-Men III trailer, and I have to say, Beast looks fucking ridiculous.