Not Fucking Acceptable

When people say things like, "My teacher gave me a fucking B," that usually means the student earned a B and got what they earned. But, no, not with Mr. Seif Azghandi. When everyone knows you're one of the best programmers in the class he takes off points for the fact. My code was too fucking elegant for this joker. Earn an A, get a B? Good thing programming fucking runs in my blood, or this might take the fun out of it.


Discussion Topic:

What does everyone think of AOL adding two new bots to your buddy list without you asking or giving permission? I, myself, love AIM bots but I don't think I'll be getting much use out of either of these. Thoughts?


Writely and Blogger

Sometimes I post things just for Sean to see. Remember the web-based word processor Writely ? When you write a document in that program, not only can you print it directly, save it as a Word file, and publish it to the internet, but you can also publish it to your blog. Writely is just cool like that. Colaborative documents being published to a blog...I need to find a good use for that.

P.S. for fuck's sake, I can publish a document to an obscure page Writely gives me. No one would be likely to find it except the person I gave the link to. I just checked and I can actually specify who can view it by email address.