Leonardo Da Vinci Rocked Your Face Off

The British Library has put a bunch of really cool old notebooks online, including one of Leonardo's.


Just So I Remember When Windoze is Working Again

Sean might like this too.

Magic-League.com is something I'll be checking out soon, and they've got links to free Magic software.

Magic Workstation: the magical toolkit for CCG players, which looks like the best one, and Apprentice.

Oh, and I found a website with "The Complete Works of H. P. Lovecraft"


Super Lotto Fantastique!

Ya know what's fun? According to quantum physics, the numbers on this folded in half lotto ticket on my desk aren't determined until I look at it. There's some food for thought: quantum physics basically says conciousness is a fundamental part of the universe. Observation actually determines the outcome of things on the quantum level.


On Pipes

(23:36:46) Roger: cigars and cigarettes are just...shallow
(23:36:53) Roger: it's like a one night stand
(23:37:12) Roger: you smoke it, get what you want out of it, and throw the useless end away
(23:37:20) Roger: you smoke it, and you're threw with it
(23:37:27) Roger: but a pipe on the other hand...
(23:37:32) Roger: it's like an old friend. a companion
(23:37:54) Roger: you see your pipe, and you pick it up and say, "let us go enjoy the afternoon."
(23:37:57) Roger: so then you have a smoke
(23:38:09) Roger: and when you're done, your companion is still there.
(23:38:19) Roger: you take it home and say, "untill next time."
(23:38:24) Roger: you don't just throw it away


Has Anyone Seen the Doom Trailer?

It looks fucking awesome.

Has Anyone Seen the Aeon Flux Trailer?
It looks fucking awesome.

Has Anyone Seen Serenity?
It is fucking awesome.

I'm going to make a game. Its name will be Fuckin' Space Melee.