An Adventurer is You!

Another great low tech MMORPG is The Kindom of Loathing. My bro got me into it awhile back. I quit playing for a long time, but I've been itching to play while I wait for more actions to use in Urban Dead.

The game is goofy as hell. My characher is a level 2 Pastamancer. The rushing bum in the Sleazy Back Alley has bum rushed me more times than I can remember.

The other available classes are Seal Clubber, Turtle Tamer, Sauceror, Disco Bandit, and Accordion Thief.

Anyone who joins either of these games should let me know your screenname in a comment or something. There's not much interactivity in KoL, but we could be a kickass zombie horde in Urban Dead, or kick the ass of a zombie horde.

Urban Dead

You guys should join me in playing Urban Dead. Its a low-tech massively multiplayer online game about a quarantined city and the zombies and survivors it contains. All you need is a web browser.

If you get in, my name is I'm Not Dead Yet. If you want, we can even locate each other with this complete map a fan of the game put together.


Not That Anyone Cares

Whew. Gotta let my computer cool down after that 5.5 hour Diablo II marathon. I only had to play for 4 hours for my Game Analysis assignment. That's just the kind of student I am. (You can laugh now.) In that time I've gotten my Necromancer up to level 12 and I'm running around with a posse of 4 skeletons, 1 skeleton mage, 1 clay golem, and a hired rogue with fire arrows. The rogue with fire arrows isn't as cool as the one who had ice arrows, but she kinda died.

Do you have any idea how messy a battlefield can get when you make your fallen enemies' bodies explode so their reanimated skeletons can kill even more of them? I'm also wondering how scary it would be if you and your buddy were randomly wandering around in a cave when you were attacked by four skeletons, you kill(?) one skeleton, but then they get your buddy and she explodes and her skeleton stands up and helps the other three kill you. What a way to go. That's what you get for having blue skin and running around in caves. Freak.

In other news, more open source type stuff. I discovered the Open Game License today. It was made by the Open Gaming Foundation. Actually, I just found out on the OGF website the license was drafted by Wizards of the Coast. Which helps explain why they have a whole bunch of Dungeons and Dragons stuff released under the license.