You all can see the effects of "splogging" if you check out the comments on the previous post. According to this /. article, Blogger is the worst offender (most of it happens on blogger pages or comes from blogger users), but Google is taking meausres to stop it. Some of you may have noticed in the top bar on a Blogger page, there's a new button called "Flag". This flag button lets you flag blogs as objectionable. I've now gone to every blogger page linked to in these messages, and flagged all of their pages. I'd really appreciate it if anyone who reads this would follow the links and do the same. This should eventually lead to the page being removed. I will do the same for everyone else, regardless of whether or not they do it for me.

An added benefit of so many spam pages being removed, is that the "Next Blog" button actually takes you to peoples' blogs instead of some ad.



In my Game Analysis class, the teacher who goes by Gibby (short for GibbletOmelette), was telling us how bad we all need to play Halflife. I guess its the closest thing this class has to required reading. I know I could get it to, but to be a smartass I was like, "Does it run in Linux?" He was like, "You do everything in Linux?", and I was like, "Yep."
"You do your homework in Open Office?"
Then he asked, "What distribution do you use?" and I started with, "well...", so he interrupted me and said he wanted what I use right now, not my history. I told him SuSE, and he said, "Pff, mainstream."
"Well, before this I used Gentoo."
"Pff, mainstream."
Gentoo is NOT mainstream. I don't think the idea of compiling your entire operating system from the source code appeals to many people. He said I should use Slackware (the oldest distro still under development), an I retorted, "Slackware's for old people."
His jaw dropped. He grabbed the clipboard with the roll sheet. The sheet has a space for notes next to each student's name. I don't know if he was really writing, but he acted like he was, and he said out loud, "Called teacher old fucker."
I was like, "What?!", and he said, "They'll believe me, not you."

It was good times.

I Couldn't Resist

"The Hare Foolishly Lowers His Guard and Is Devastated by the Tortoise, Whose Prowess in Battle Attracts Many Desirable Mates"

Some guy made a list of Klingon fairy tales. Rich, rich, rich.