Being Human Isn't The Problem

The problem with A.L.I.C.E. isn't acting like she's human, its the fact that she's nothing but a giant if statement. If it was anythign close to human, I wouldn't care if it was mimicing one. A.L.I.C.E., though, is just a script that responds to patterns in what you say to it.

Human: Do you think?
ALICE: Yes. I am a thinking machine.
Human: Are you conscious?
ALICE: Yes I am completely self-aware.

The proper answers would be No and No. Its not really even a machine, its a bit of software.


SciFi Writers Get To Make Up All The Cool Words

Zimboe - A zombie with no self-awareness, but programmed to cliam to be aware in an attempt to deceive the truly consciouis beings around it.

Sounds like A.L.I.C.E. I hate that bot purely because Dr. Wallace wanted it to pretend to be human. When I fiddle with bots if they ever say something about being human or sentient its because I have to build off of Wallace's foundation or have a bot that barely knows anything.



"Greetings, earthlings, compile me on your leader."

Accelerando is so indescribably cool.
I guess I missed my chance for a cheap Librie. I forgot to make sure I was still the top bidder before I went to work this morning. The final selling price was $405. I still don't know what S&H would have been. Coming from Japan, I bet they could have ripped me a new hole. Getting up that high, I might as well pay $475 for one that's already got the English firmware patch so I don't have to find a computer with Windoze and patch it myself. I'm just a tad nervous about patching firmware on devices with foreign operating systems anyways. Looks like the winner sniped. His final bid took place six seconds before the end of the auction.

P.S. Apparently, when a skunk is caught off guard by an automatic sprinlker system, they empty those nasty little glands all over the yard.


Well, it appears my blog is getting spammed. An anonymous poster is advertising in my comments. Bots are the coolest fucking thing ever, and some jackass is using them to deface my site. Its back to Members Only commenting for awhile. You should check out the last comment on my last post. Its a doozy. I'll leave it there for posterity.
The thing that sucks about being me is that to not hate the guts of everyone I meet, I have to pretend a lot of shit doesn't piss me off. I guess I just hold myself to a higher standard than most people.
These words sound harsh, but I don't know how else to say them.


My Favorite Error Message

repeter@LaMachina:/> touch boobs
touch: cannot touch `boobs': Permission denied



If you don't see me online for a couple hours/days/eons, its because I'm chaning the OS on LaMachina over to SuSE Pro 9.3. Gentoo just took too much effort, and still never worked the way I wanted it to. I've got my entire hard drive backed up for posterity, to be restored on a whim. The backup is taking up surprisingly little space on my NAS.

The BK Lounge

I had a dream that I bought a Burger King. I sucked at running it, but Lori worked there and she was a huge help. It was like a video game; I could see the amount of money I had in orange digits in the the lower right corner of my field of vision.



I just realized that the short story "Nightfall" by Charles Stross I read on the Asimov's website was actually a part of the book I'm reading, Accelerando. All the sections of the book were released one at a time as short stories in Asimov's Science Fiction. One more reason to love Asimov's.

I'm Going to Find Digital Copies of Every Book I Own

(17:45:07) bookmunkie: I'm starting to get more attached to the thought of a digital library
(17:45:57) bookmunkie: My books consume a lot of space and are expensive to move with me.
(17:46:28) bookmunkie: I'll just have to train myself to be more pleased by the aesthetics of an eBook reader than paper books
(17:47:17) bookmunkie: I'll show off what I have and haven't read by my knowledge, not by my bookshelf. Its not like people come into my home and check out my bookshelf anyways
(17:47:59) bookmunkie: Knowledge is a better representation of what books I've actually read as opposed to just owning a copy

Charlie Stross

My new favorite author. This guy seriously rules. And not just because he's given away his latest book as a free download on his website, which I greatly appreciate. He just blows me away. This is the most exciting thing I've read since The Age of Spiritual Machines.

He also just won a Hugo award for The Concrete Jungle.

"Communist Russia is the only government still running on Microsoft, the central planning apparat being convicned that, if you have to pay for software, it must be worth something."