I Need New Glasses

my head hurts all the time.


Underwear Ninja Strikes Again


Game Analysis and Playability

This course introduces students to the concepts behind the development of games, conceptual reflection, genres, and the determination of what actually defines a game's playability. During this course, students will play games, investigate code or sample aspects of existing games, and document and critique the effectiveness, efficiency, and aesthetic qualities of the sample games. Upon completion of this course, students should have played several games and documented the playability by critically analyzing the graphics, sound, artificial intelligence, and intended audience.


I'ma Get My Learn On - Part Deux

Tomorrow's my first day of schoolin'. Year round for the next three years I will be learning about Game Software Development. My first class: Game Analysis and Playability. Schweet. My sexy textbook looks very much like something I might pick up at Barnes & Noble if I had the time/motivation for a cool Summer project.

I'm going to start reading it and then go to bed early.

Ha Ha, Dane, You're a Riot

The great thing about the Azureus BitTorrent client is that you can go in and specify which files you want to download first, and even which files you don't want. In my case something weird messed up the second track of a two album set, so instead of re-downloading all of Dane Cook's Retalation, I just started the torrent and told it not to download anything but the track I wanted.

If you're scrutinizing my screenshot, yes a few kilos of unwanted material were downloaded before I could stop it.


Okay, this Evanescence CD I got isn't all that new. It came out in '04. Its called Anywhere but Home and its all live.

Questionable Content is my new favorite web comic right now. You should love it.


Data as Currency

Some of you may have noticed the little Oink's Pink Palace banner right under my I Power Blogger one. Oink's is a BitTorrent tracker like TorrentSpy or ThePirateBay. Its also by invitation only like Gmail, but users have to have good cred to earn invitations; they don't just throw them at you like Gmail (seriously, I've got 50. Want one?). In what form does 'cred' manifest itself in the Oinks universe? Your ratio. Your upload/download ratio is your life and death in Oink's.

This is also where things get interesting. In order to keep my ratio high enough to not get booted, I've been downloading things from Limewire, mainly eBooks, to compile them into single archives or folders and upload into Oink's. Its like I'm trading this data for other data. Unless you're downloading brand new stuff that a lot of other people are downloading, you probably won't be able to upload much of that particular torrent which means your ratio will drop a bit. I bring in data from other sources to have extra ratio points to download other things.

Then, there are investments. I downloaded a ringtone maker. I don't want a ringtone maker, I've got no use for it. But, I was the first person to see it and download it. I was wagering that this would be a hot item and I'd be able to upload tons of it. My ratio on that particular torrent is 13.945. That's earned me a lot of older downloads. After it stops being so profitable, I'll stop uploading it and delete my copy of the software. Like I said, I don't want the software itself.

Not as interesting, but just as useful are the things I like and know will be hot downloads. Since I know they'll be hot downloads, I grab them quick so I can maximize my upload of that particular torrent instead of just bookmarking them for later when my ratio's high enough. Two good examples of this are the new Flaming Lips and Evanescence albums.

But, yeah, back to the whole point: I'm using data that I get from elsewhere or don't even want as currency to get the good stuff. If anyone wants an Oink's invite let me know and I'll throw one at you once I reach SuperUser status and have a few to pass around.



Would you Like Fries With That?

Weird New Habbit

I've got this weird new habbit of grabbing bits of images I see online and making slight changes to them. I think Tycho's screaming head would make a great desktop icon.

P.S. Tycho's head looks better with a clear background, but Blogger adds a white background behind partially transparent images.

Right On

Good Idea Rishaaad

Sound like me?

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