I Don't Know What to Call This Post

I usually try to come up with something clever, but my head hurts. Now that I've gotten Lori hooked on the Aibo, here's another link. Probably a little more interesting to me than anyone else, though. Sony seems to have given a bunch of Aibos curiosity and boredom. They call the new system a 'metabrain'. Basically, its an open-ended learning system. In the experiment trials, unprogrammed Aibos in a pen with a ball went from wiggling limbs, to crawling, then hitting and flollowing the ball. These things are hard enough to program, but these machines have figured it out on their own. How can you say that's not intelligence?

In case any of you have been browsing the web on your PSPs, I think this mobile version of Google would be perfect for it. Its intended more for searching the web on a cell phone. I dunno, the PSP has such a nice screen it might not even need specially formatted web pages.

This promises to be interesting. Apparently this guy's got all kinds of cool stuff on his site, but you have to deserve it to see it. If you can't figure out the first one, do the world network a favor and unplug your ethernet cable or turn off your antenna.



"many have been underwhelmed by the performance of Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Only if you've seen the "Clone Wars" cartoons will you understand that Anakin is a seriously damaged veteran, a poster child for post-traumatic stress disorder. But since none of that background is actually supplied by the Episode III script, Mr. Christensen has been given an impossible acting task. He's trying to swim in air."

That's from an article in the New York Times by Neal Stephenson (use bugmenot to log in). I've heard too many people bitch about his acting. He also compares computer scientists and engineers to Jedi. Its a very interesting read.


Funny Realization

I had the weirdest feeling last night. I'd been laying in bed over half an hour and I was totally relaxed. My thoughts were just flowing under their own control and I was along for the ride. Impulsively, I rolled over and realized I wasn't asleep. I'd kind of thought I was and I was like, "Hey!". My eyes might have even been open. When you've got work at 6 am, this is an interesting but annoying realization. It wasn't hard to get to sleep afterward.


Large Talons

An earlier conversation with my brother. I doubt he wants everyone knowing his screenname, so I used spellchecker to change them.

(22:53:45) Roger 2004: so have you ever seen the scripps national spelling bee?
(22:55:06) Rodney 84: Is that the one where the kid passed out last year?
(22:55:16) Roger 2004: heh. i dunno
(22:55:20) Roger 2004: i always catch the very end of it
(22:55:29) Rodney 84: The word was alopecoid
(22:55:34) Rodney 84: It means "foxlike"
(22:55:42) Roger 2004: hmm
(22:55:45) Rodney 84: But, he recovered for the win
(22:55:50) Rodney 84: I heard it was hilarious
(22:55:50) Roger 2004: cool
(22:55:53) Roger 2004: well anywho
(22:56:19) Roger 2004: these kids get on there, and they give them a word
(22:56:58) Roger 2004: and they're always like, "can i have the pronunciation? andy alternate pronunciations? launguage of origin? definition?" and like fifty other things
(22:57:07) Roger 2004: well this one kid gets up there
(22:57:11) Roger 2004: and they give him the word
(22:57:18) Roger 2004: so he asks for the definition
(22:57:21) Roger 2004: so they give it to him
(22:57:36) Roger 2004: and then, in the perfect voice he asks, "do the chicken's have large tallons?"
(22:57:43) Rodney 84: LOL
(22:57:50) Roger 2004: and the judges just kinda laugh, so then he spells the word and goes back to his seat
(22:58:00) Roger 2004: and the announcers are all like, "what was that? was that a secret message?
(22:58:04) Roger 2004: it was hilarious
(22:58:10) Rodney 84: HA
(22:58:14) Rodney 84: That's awesome
(22:58:20) Roger 2004: yup
(22:58:23) Rodney 84: I'm totally blogging that

I think I misspelled alopecoid. O, the irony. He also had the link to a video of it.

Roger: but uh....just for future reference...that sight has lots of bad stuff on it

Here's the Skinny

Here's a bit more on that PSP homebrew thing. Seems the bootstrap is confirmed to work on firmware version 1.50. But it won't work versions 1.51 or 1.52. I don't know how to tell what firmware version you've got. What these firmware updates do are tell the PSP to only expect UMD data from the UMD slot.


I made it into three people's blogs today! I have a positive influence in peoples' lives! Yay for me! Here they are in the order I spotted them: Lori's, Meagan's, and Alex's.

In other news: PSP and A.I. stuff.

The movie Hitch is being relseased for the PSP. That's cool and all, but I'd rather buy the DVD which I can watch on several devices, and convert the video for the PSP. For only $4.95 Lathe seems like a good solution for doing exactly that.

There's a working homebrew PSP bootstrap floating around now. If this means what I think it means, you'd be able to download UMD dumps, throw them on your memory stick, and get them to load with this software. I know its possible to dump the contents of UMDs to the stick, but what I'd heard before was that some part of the process of bootlegging games relied on having an old version of the PSP firmware. Firmware upgrades are free and in the future games are going to require it, so that won't work for long. I haven't read too far into it, but I think this one works with the newest firmware.

Finally, control your Aibo with your PSP. I know some of you (one of you) don't 'believe' in artificial intelligence but you're just in denial. You have to redefine intelligence to say there isn't already such a thing.



By "Need A Girlfriend" I Mean I Need More of a Life

I just initialized a Windows Update with the mouse connected to my Linux laptop. It was weird. I've been using Synergy to control both of my active computers with my laptop's keyboard and mouse. It rocks almost as much as having dual monitors. The other screen just happens to be a whole different computer running a whole different OS.

Anonymous commenter, I know who you are. I'll let my post title explain for me.

Oh, I almost forgot. Ya know how you can't password protect your network shares in XP Home? Well, you can keep anyone that doesn't have a username and password on your system out, which is all I've ever wanted it for anyways. You'll find the directions here.


Peacefull Pink Glow

I love love love sleeping in a freshly made bed by the glow of the lava lamp. I just hate having to make the bed.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

I watch a crapload of movies, so I'm going to start making you read about them. Today was Lemony Snicket and The Matrix: Revolutions. Revolutions I've watched before but not the other one.

I'm under the impression that I enjoyed this movie more than the general public. I never heard much good about it. I thought Jim Carey was pretty good. To avoid sounding like a pedophile I'm going to have to say the girl who played Violet (Emily Browning) is going to be pretty when she's older. Well, she's 16.5 years old. The gap between my parents is nearly twice that. That's the standard I usually go by. But I think 20 and 24 would be better than 16 and 20. Why am I still talking about this?

Speaking of things like that, I think I've changed a bit. I used to avoid even mentioning what girls I thought were attractive in movies. Now I've gone as far as giving the impression that the actresses were my favorite parts of certain movies (Garden State). Aside from that, I don't know what's different. Oh, I do get more annoyed with certain people. I just feel different. I feel older.

I agree with Meagan, I need a girlfriend.