I Just Want To Sleep

Don't you just love it when you're trying to sleep and the neighbors decide to have live music in their yard? And why the hell are construction workers working on a Saturday morning?


Yeah, That's Right *Slowly, Exageratedly, Nods Head*

Card Shark

Example 2: Sean can vouch for this one. He, Roger, and I were playing Texas Hold 'Em and I thought there'd be more than one game so I didn't take it very seriously and lost quickly. So I didn't have to just mindlessly watch them play and skip the songs on my playlist that might not be good for the 4 year old to year, Roger let me deal for them. After a bit, he told me I was a good dealer. I don't think I do anything special (but I do like making the cards slide across the table), but I was like, "What, really?"



I learned about an interesting sounding new operating system today. Symphony is based on Debian Linux and looks extremely user friendly. Of particular interest are the desktop concep images.

Looks a little too easy for me, but BitTorrent's bringing in me a copy of the live disc so I'll give it a try. Maybe this would be good for all of you that are afraid of Linux.

You Took Credit For Its Perpetual Temporal Omniscience

I've got a huge draft in the works, and I'm reading about a new OS I need to write about called Symphony. Seems like I do a lot for my four readers. This blog has always been more for me than anything else anyways. It gives me something more tangible to show for all the time I spend staring at this glowing rectangle.

This article is about how counter-productive the mouse is. I've started using my mouse a lot more lately (I had to plug an external into LaMachina). I blame it on Komposé. One of the sad things about Linux is that a mouse is required for the GUI. In Windoze, I didn't need my mouse for anything. At all. I'm working out more keyboard shortcuts, though. I'll get it down. In fact, I just learned a new one--Win-Tab shows the Komposé display.

The biggest help in eliminating mouse use, is Firefox. In Internet Explorer, to browse the internet with no mouse is tedious. You can hit Tab 50 times just get to a link. In Firefox, you hit the / key (search) and type the first few letters of the link you want, the searcher selects it for you. Just hit Enter, and viola.

I'm going to have to check out that "Natural Born Cyborgs" book he mentioned in the article.

Side note: I'm really liking this new Coldplay album. I never cared much for Parachutes. "Fix You" is an awesome song.



Since the only trends I follow are online, I'm going to say a little bit about my self esteem/security. Anyone who comes here often already knows I have some trouble with the lady-types, but there's another thing I've noticed recently. Whenever someone compliments me, I automatically assume they're being sarcastic and ask if they're serious. Always.

Example 1: Paul and I were hacking around with the computers at Best Buy, and I commandeered for myself a nice convertible laptop/tablet PC to get onto their wireless router. They were using the default password, so I got in added the PC I was on to the DMZ (I couldn't get an outside connection anyways), and changed the password to 'booger' (I know, I'm weird). But, yeah, on a tablet you write on the screen and the sofwtare converts it to type. The comp Paul was at was useless so he came over to watch me and said, "Nice handwriting". He didn't even use a particularly sarcastic tone of voice. I responded, "Seriously?", and he said, "Yeah, but your Gs are weird," or something to that effect.

I know I called that Example 1, but I can't think of an Example 2 right now. I'm sure it'll come to me later if I use the Erueka Effect.



Most of my friends have heard about freeiPods.com. Its been proven over and over again that this is legit. What you do is sign up, complete an offer (usually a free trial of some online service), and get a couple of your friends to do the same. Yeah, its basically a pyramid scheme except that this is legal.
I've had this going for quite awhile, but I can't get enough people to complete an offer.

But, yeah, this is done by a company called GratisNetwork. There's a plethora of other free stuff you can get in a similar fashion such as Photo iPods, Mini Macs, Xbox 360s, PSPs, Flat Panels (TV or monitor), Desktop PCs, free Gaming Sytems, and a couple others.

If you're going to try any of these, please use the links I have here since they're my referrals. You might get a little bit of spam, but they all have "remove me from the mailing list" links on the bottom. I got a grand total of three.

Edit: I've signed up for a few more of these and no spam yet. It looks like eFax might be the easiest offer to get away with free.