I'm fixin' to head back to Oklahoma for the weekend. Hopefully I'll see a coupla my peeps. I get to take my four year old brother to see Star Wars! Its going to be so much fun.


Back From the Dead

My blog was fubar for what I think was the entire day yesterday. 404 errors and all that. Everything seems to be fine now and I've deleted the excess versions of my last post.


Princess Leia is Way Hotter in the Book

Just kidding. The attack on the Death Star is more exciting, though. Maybe because there's no sensory overload like the entire first scene of Revenge of the Sith. Leia does seem more into the brotherly love in the book. I'll be finishing this one up pretty soon so I can start reading Splinter of the Mind's Eye which takes place between episodes IV and V.


That's come good troopin'

Scrobble Me

Hey, I forgot to post a link to my profile on Audioscrobbler. I just started, so it does not yet accurately portray my musical tastes.