This is the second time in two days I've downloaded an album before its released. This time its Weezer's new one.

Kiss me, I'm a pirate.

Trickfuck the Planet

Funny words that came to me while I was driving home from my work review. Kind of an alternative version of 'hack the planet'. My review went well. My raise was only a dime because I haven't been there a full year. Four months short, dag nabit. I knew I needed improvement in some areas, and this confirms that other people have noticed as well. Not necessarily a bad thing. I think I'm going to get some more sleep and wake up to do something technologically marvelous.

Oh, yeah, that System of a Down CD isn't out for another three days.


Punk bands that do awesome cover songs should rule the world.

Download A New Found Glory's album From the Screen To Your Stereo

UPDATE: System of a Down's new album

Rock My Face Off

Punk bands that do awesome cover songs should rule the world.

Download A New Found Glory's album From the Screen To Your Stereo

Second Thoughts

Paul's robe's not great, but it looks better than I expected. In the end, I'd rather have a badass robe I can say I made myself, but if these directions don't start to make more sense soon...

Asking Girls Out Makes My Tummy Hurt

I make a lot of thing in my life harder than they need to be. I twist my stomach into knots, turn bright red at least twice, puss out, unsuccessfully try to calm down, go back, and manage to ask the girl out with an audience. After all that she has to close tonight. I did find it amusing that the audience (the other girl working there), was helping me. Any time she said, "I have to close tonight," the other girl said, "Which isn't that late!". Yeah, so she's got finals all next week too, so I left her my phone number. I'm not feeling too hopeful, but she did at least make sure she could read the number. Maybe that's a hint of good intentions.

On a lighter note, I got a raise that I'm not supposed to know about until tomorrow morning when I go in for my review. The highest possible would be a quarter, and I unfortunately don't think it'll be that much.

Also on a positive note, I went ahead and bought the materials for the Jedi robe even before reading any comments I might have gotten on the last post. The Wally World is closer to work than home, so I saved a bit of gas and just went right after work. Total cost = $18.58. The cheaper robe online didn't look to bad, but I think the fun of actually making it outweighs the cheapness.


Lame Robe

This is the robe my roomie got. Maybe, its just that goofy looking model, but it doesn't look that great to me, and its not worth $50 + S&H. Making my own will be more fun.

There's a $30 one too. Possibly more worth the cost. I see no difference from the other one.

Some of your opinions would be fun. Post them as comments. Should I buy, or make? Thanks in advance.


My Main Arab Man didn't make bowling tonight, but since it was only $1 a game, my roommate and I bowled until a chunk of skin fell off my thumb. It stings like a mofo. I also managed to bring my average score down, while watching Paul roll two turkeys including five strokes in a row.

I went to Wal-Mart to pick up the pattern and material to get started on the robe, then remembered that I forgot to write down the pattern number I need. I hate not having a close Wal-Mart. So, if my date plans don't work out tomorrow I'll be making the 20 minute drive again with the number scribbled in my Palm Pilot. I might just buy one like Paul. He actually didn't pay $200. It was less than $40. I'm suspicious of the quality. Oh, yeah; turns out the material I was looking at is 100% polyester. Natural fabrics are way better for things like this. Oh, well. I need sleep.

Killing Time

My Main Arab Man is supposed to get back to me so I can know when we're going bowling tonight. Its only $1 a game, and I haven't bowled with Waleed in ages.

In continuance of my Jedi robe progress, I now have permission to go over to Sarah at work's house to use her mom's sewing machine. I don't know why, but I had it in my head that I wouldn't have to actually buy a material pattern. Silly me. Oh, well, its only a few bucks more. Way cheaper than the $200-300 my roomie probably paid buying his online. Wal-Mart might even have official Star Wars patterns.

It would make me really sad to show up with my roomie in his badass robe and me in my "Kiss Me I'm a Pirate" t-shirt.


Hurdle Number 2

Hit the next hurdle in getting a Jedi robe for the midnight showing of Star Wars: I don't have a sewing machine. I was hoping to find a good cheap one at Goodwill. I just need something basic. The basic functions are all I know how to use anyways. The cheapest Wally World sells is, like $98. If I had that kind of money, I'd probably just rent the seventy five dollar a day Chewbaca costume. I did find a material or two that might be good, though.

WalMart.com has a cheaper one. $47.82 is still out of my range, though. If I'm able to procure a cheap enough sewing machine in time, my next hurdle will be reading all these plans I've found online and deciding which is most implementable and will provide the best results.

Nowhere to Go But Up

Gameboy emulator for the PSP. Not very funtional...yet.


So Shiny

I want a PSP so bad. They're so shiny that sometimes when a person takes a picture of the screen to put on their hacks page, you see their reflection on its case. Oh, how I pine for thee Play Station Portable.

But, I'm pretty much broke and a DVD burner is higher on the list of priorities, so for now all I can do is look up sweet hacks. Some are wicked cool, some are kinda lame. For anyone interested, most of the ones I like require the game Wipeout Pure. WP has a pretty much fully functional web browser, that's been crippled to do nothing but download updates for the game, but with some DNS trickery, you can get it to go just about anywhere.

This one is the easiest way to unlock the browser in Wipeout Pure. You can ignore all the stuff about RSS feeds. Even if you don't know what Bloglines is (I don't) the hack is still quite usefull.

H4XOR3D BY DONALD TRUMP This one has a lot of potential. Lots.

Here's a list of hacks that's already been gathered up. My favorite being how to get manga on your PSP. That might be reserved for us uber-nerds.

Speaking of uber-nerds, my roomie and I went by the costume shop today to see about some Jedi robes. That idea got nixed real fast. All they had to buy was Boba Fett's helmet, and a $97.99 Darth Vader costume. They do rentals, but the cheapest (crappiest) was $75 for 48 hours. All we really wanted were the basic robes. Something with a bigass hood. Tomorrow's research will center around free online material patterns and maybe procuring a cheap cheap sewing machine.

I've Completely Turned My Life Around 360 Degrees

The Xbox 360 is looking sexier than ever. It helps that these links are the first I've seen of it:

btw, the title of this post is something my ex-fiance actually said to me after she quit drinking and partying, and started teaching sunday school. I'm pretty sure she didn't hear me snickering.



Apple's Bonjour (previously known as Rendezvous), is their zero-configuration networking thing. I thought it was pretty cool that its been released for Windows, but after talking to my roommate about it and reading more, it doesn't seem like much of a big deal.

The worst part is that it works through an IE plugin, and if you're still using Internet Explorer you're a schmuck.

In much cooler news there is an online trailer for the new The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe that's coming out in December. It might be slow to download, if you can get it at all since its been slashdotted. The trailer is new to me, but I've known about the movie for some time. There's been a giant cardboard wardrobe in the theater since last December.