I Figured It Out

I figured it all out. Santa is a hive mind. That's how he can be at all the stores and get presents everywhere. I'm a fucking genius.

I figured something else out too: I was watching the best of MotorMouth where they put a camera in rental cars and people set up their friends so they get caught singing with the radio on tape. One lady was driving around telling people her and her friend were a couple of milfs. I thought it was weird, because she was saying she'd like to fuck herself and her friend. But, she could be saying "mylf". It would pronounced the same way. I've never experienced it, but I don't think I'd really like an older woman just driving up and saying, "Hey, you wanna fuck me."


Blogger Sean said...

I think maybe... Yeah, I think maybe you've gone a little bit crazy.

12/22/2005 11:18 AM  

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