Writely and Blogger

Sometimes I post things just for Sean to see. Remember the web-based word processor Writely ? When you write a document in that program, not only can you print it directly, save it as a Word file, and publish it to the internet, but you can also publish it to your blog. Writely is just cool like that. Colaborative documents being published to a blog...I need to find a good use for that.

P.S. for fuck's sake, I can publish a document to an obscure page Writely gives me. No one would be likely to find it except the person I gave the link to. I just checked and I can actually specify who can view it by email address.


Blogger Mr. Greene (and His Orchestra) said...

Hot damn, that rocks. I wish I would have known about that back in the dark days before I had microsoft word. Oh well, I'll know for next time, which, I fear will be coming. Props to you Rodknee, mad props.

11/15/2005 11:01 PM  

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