Super Lotto Fantastique!

Ya know what's fun? According to quantum physics, the numbers on this folded in half lotto ticket on my desk aren't determined until I look at it. There's some food for thought: quantum physics basically says conciousness is a fundamental part of the universe. Observation actually determines the outcome of things on the quantum level.


Blogger Sean said...

Yup, that's in accordance with the all-universes-folding-into-one theory. There are, of course, others. The problem with this particular theory, though, is that it’s not really empirically testable. The only proof we have that supports it is when we try to observe high velocity sub-atomic particles, namely, electrons. When you present an electron with multiple paths to a destination, a queer phenomenon occurs; the electron always seems to travel the path that you observe.

10/06/2005 12:10 AM  

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