On Pipes

(23:36:46) Roger: cigars and cigarettes are just...shallow
(23:36:53) Roger: it's like a one night stand
(23:37:12) Roger: you smoke it, get what you want out of it, and throw the useless end away
(23:37:20) Roger: you smoke it, and you're threw with it
(23:37:27) Roger: but a pipe on the other hand...
(23:37:32) Roger: it's like an old friend. a companion
(23:37:54) Roger: you see your pipe, and you pick it up and say, "let us go enjoy the afternoon."
(23:37:57) Roger: so then you have a smoke
(23:38:09) Roger: and when you're done, your companion is still there.
(23:38:19) Roger: you take it home and say, "untill next time."
(23:38:24) Roger: you don't just throw it away


Blogger Sean said...

Smoking is bad for you. and expensive.

10/05/2005 11:00 AM  
Blogger repeter said...

Although few the studies done on pipe smoking show that it actually lengthens your life, rather than shortening it.

10/05/2005 1:17 PM  

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