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Resizing an NTFS Partition with Knoppix

First off, always defragment your hard drive and make backups when you fiddle with your partitioning. Its not too dangerous to do if you're careful, but its just a safe habbit.

The simplest way to do this is with a program called QTParted. Only the newest version of this program can resize NTFS partitions, so if you're using an older version of Knoppix, or you're using Knoppix STD like Sean, you'll probably have to use ntfsresize. QTParted, if you've got a new enough version, is pretty self explanatory.

Without QTParted, you'll have to use two seperate programs: ntfsresize to resize the file system, and fdisk or cfdisk (my preference) to resize the partition itself. Its a good idea to read, or at least scan, the man pages for both of these programs before beginning. At the command prompt, just type man and the program's name.

First, you'll run ntfsresize by typing
sudo ntfsresize -s size /dev/hda1
into your command prompt. size you will replace with the new size you want for the partition. You'll need to follow the number with a k, M, or G for kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes respectively. And you'll replace /dev/hda1 with the actual location of the partition to be resized. In Sean's case this will stay /dev/hda1.

After that, you need to run cfdisk by typing
sudo cfdisk /dev/hda
into the prompt. cfdisk has a pretty friendly interface as far as command line programs go. You're actually going to use cfdisk to delete the partition and make a brand new one starting at the same place on the hard drive with the new size you want. Make absolutely certain you start the new partition on the same block the old one started on.

After that, you probably want to boot up Windows and run chkdsk before you do anything else.

Good luck and have fun dual-booting. Maybe you'll end up like me and breaking Windoze on accident and going totally Linux. Only re-installing Windoze when you get a hankerin' for some games.

Further references: the first time I did this, I read how to do it in Knoppix Hacks published by O'Reilly. Awesome, awesome book.


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