I wonder if the blue and red pills were "written" like the Merovingian's desert.


Blogger Mr. Greene (and His Orchestra) said...

They had to have been. One pill was an "unplugging" program, and the other reset the subject's memory to interpret Morphius and his gang as only a strange dream. To bad I can't remember which pill did what.

9/12/2005 5:45 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I wonder what OS the brain runs on. I wonder if it can interpret an .exe file. Can it understand compiled C++? I wonder if it was difficult for the machines to program there sofware to work smoothly on the native architecture of the human brain, espectially since everyone's brain is different in the pathways of neurons. I think these are the important questions.

9/13/2005 3:17 PM  
Blogger repeter said...

Depends on what you think about the concep of tabula rasa. I believe there are a lot of standards when it comes to the human brain. The human brain would obviously run on some Unix based OS. Anyone on Windoze would be fuxored. Each person would have to have two brains just to boot the newest version of the OS. The pathways between neurons really only change when it comes to storing memories. Whether it can interperet an .exe file depends on how its compiled. You can name a text file bob.exe and it won't make it a Windoze compatable executable. No, the brain would not be able to run Win32 executables. Unless its been expanded and includes a virtualization layer. If the software brain had a native C++ compiler yes, it would be able to understand compiled C++. You understand that compiled C++ is the exact same thing as an .exe, right?

9/13/2005 5:02 PM  

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