Now, That's Just Silly

I used the recovery disc that came with LaMachina to reinstall Windoze so I can play some games (turns out my Diablo II playdisc has a label-side scratch, yeargh). The disk recognized that I had repartitioned my hard drive, so it repartitioned it to the original state before restoring the disc image. The silly thing is that it didn't change the boot sector of my hard drive. So, now, I've got GRUB and its got no directory to read its settings from. When I try to boot, I just get a
prompt. So, now I've got to make it look like
GRUB> rootnoverivy (hd0,0)
GRUB> makeactive
GRUB> chainloader +1
GRUB> boot

That's a lot of crap to type just to get Windows to start up. Once I reinstall Linux it should be working alright again. Oh well, this is the first complaint I've ever heard about Toshiba. Unlike a certain Dell I know that breaks all the freaking time.


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