I Got pwned

Over Your Head Warning

I have to say tonight has been the best night of class so far. We were discussing the different types of rules in a game: operational, constituitive, and implicit. It was a very hands-on lesson because he gave us a worksheet and we actually played a game to identify the different types of rules. The games were dominos, Magic: the Gathering, and a board/card game called Illuminati. First hour of class was "boot camp"--a quick runthrough of the rules of each game so everyone could decide which game they wanted to play. I, of course, chose Magic. There was a nearly equal n00b to vet ratio, so each of us coached the person next to us. I threw down with my old Smooth Criminal deck.

We played a giant 7 person circle free for all. I layed down martial law. Darksteel Colasus was unstoppable with a Whispersilk Cloak. I had taken down the only two other vets and was sitting pretty still at a full 20 life, when the guy with the elf weenie deck puts a Lure on a guy and suddenly I've got no blockers and he knocks me down to 4. I bluster on about how "all shall wilt under my gaze," but with the help of outside intervention he brings me down to 1 and finally pings that one last life off. I got too cocky.

The endgame happened too quickly while I was back in the classroom turning in my paper. Will, the guy to my left who basically said we'd be the two horsemen of the apocalypse and would duel it out titan-style after we'd cleaned the board, Junior, the guy that took me out, and Bobby, the lady with huge glasses everyone was pretty much ignoring, were the last standing. It played out as I predicted. Bobby would continue to be ignored, sitting on her 23 life, while Will and Junior duked it out. Will, of course, won because I'd knocked Junior down to 4. Bobby, still sitting pretty, cleaned up the leftovers.

This is the first time I've played in nearly exactly a year and it makes me fear for my budget. I so badly want to start playing again. I offered an invitation to Will to play anytime.


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