In my Game Analysis class, the teacher who goes by Gibby (short for GibbletOmelette), was telling us how bad we all need to play Halflife. I guess its the closest thing this class has to required reading. I know I could get it to, but to be a smartass I was like, "Does it run in Linux?" He was like, "You do everything in Linux?", and I was like, "Yep."
"You do your homework in Open Office?"
Then he asked, "What distribution do you use?" and I started with, "well...", so he interrupted me and said he wanted what I use right now, not my history. I told him SuSE, and he said, "Pff, mainstream."
"Well, before this I used Gentoo."
"Pff, mainstream."
Gentoo is NOT mainstream. I don't think the idea of compiling your entire operating system from the source code appeals to many people. He said I should use Slackware (the oldest distro still under development), an I retorted, "Slackware's for old people."
His jaw dropped. He grabbed the clipboard with the roll sheet. The sheet has a space for notes next to each student's name. I don't know if he was really writing, but he acted like he was, and he said out loud, "Called teacher old fucker."
I was like, "What?!", and he said, "They'll believe me, not you."

It was good times.


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Blogger Mr. Greene (and His Orchestra) said...

Wow...you're all kinds of spammed. Anyway, that's amusing...silly Linux people, fighting about who's old, and who's mainstream. No linux is mainstream. I don't understand compiling, and it's been explained to me about five times.

8/24/2005 12:56 AM  

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