"Greetings, earthlings, compile me on your leader."

Accelerando is so indescribably cool.
I guess I missed my chance for a cheap Librie. I forgot to make sure I was still the top bidder before I went to work this morning. The final selling price was $405. I still don't know what S&H would have been. Coming from Japan, I bet they could have ripped me a new hole. Getting up that high, I might as well pay $475 for one that's already got the English firmware patch so I don't have to find a computer with Windoze and patch it myself. I'm just a tad nervous about patching firmware on devices with foreign operating systems anyways. Looks like the winner sniped. His final bid took place six seconds before the end of the auction.

P.S. Apparently, when a skunk is caught off guard by an automatic sprinlker system, they empty those nasty little glands all over the yard.


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