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With all the reading I've been doing, I've been thinking more and more about maybe trying to write something. I've also found two promising works published under the Creative Commons license; Accelerando, and The Escapist. I've also run into some information on publishing your own work. I somehow doubt publishing your own work is more satisfying than sending manuscripts to dozens of publishers until one of them finally accepts you, but I'm sure its more painless.
The first tool I came across is the Creative Commons license. This is basically like an Open Source license but for books, music, and movies instead of software. You can get more information on the version for text here. Wired had an article on the license a while back. Although all their articles are online, I bought a copy because it included a CD of music released under the license including music from artists like The Beastie Boys and David Byrne. The author of The Escapist, James Morris, has a link on the book's page to an article he wrote on the importance of the license.

The second is an online service called Publish and be damned. Guess where I found that link? On the page for The Escapist. Looks like Morris used them for this particular book, which also puts him in the listings for Amazon.com. From the PADB website, "Our name is inspired by the Duke of Wellington who, when threatened by a mistress with the publication of certain private letters, returned a note to her that said: 'Publish and be damned'." You should read their about page for more details on what they do, but it sounds like a pretty dang good service to me.


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