PSP and Financing

I'm awaiting an email letting me know if I might be able to make payments on a Librie. I'd be able to with an iPaq.

Of more interest, though, is the fact that Cory Doctorow's three books are available for the PSP. If you weren't following my links awhile back about all the cool stuff you can do on the PSP, there are programs that will take an eBook and convert it to a series of images that can be viewed on the PSP. Here are the books in said format:

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Eastern Standard Tribe
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

Here are some directions too.

Could someone let me know if you would be able to save your place reading a book like that? It'd suck if you had to flip back through a hundred pages because you wanted to play a game between chapters.


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