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I've been thinking about my blog lately. I do too much link regurgitation. Posting links to interesting links on other blogs seems kind of pointless. I'm going to try to start creating more original content like The Technological Singularity. I'm still going to give interesting links, but I'll have to chew on them a bit more before I spit them back out.

Here's your link for today; its been proven that its possible to downgrade firmware versions on the PSP. This means you can go back to firmware versions that support the bootloader. The device thse Xecuter guys are making won't allow you do do that, but will allow you to use all sorts of storage devices with your PSP. $200 for a 2 gig Duo? Screw that, use an SD card, or a flash drive, or your 250 gig external hard drive with USB interface which costs less than the Duo ($34.99 for an enclosure + $129.97 for the 250 gig hard drive - $50 rebate = $ 164.96).

I've got a new favorite magazine. Asimov's Science Fiction. Its a bunch of sci-fi short stories and novelettes. This is the kind of cutting edge sci-fi I've been looking for. I'm still going to keep reading the classics--I just bought Frank Herbert's Dune last monday. This is how excited I am: the intro to one of the stories gave me goosebumps. Here it is

..."Summer of the Seven" is the third in this series--that includes "Strength Alone" (Asimov's December 2004)--concerning post-human teens coming to grips with their identity.

I'll repeat that, "post-human teens coming to grips with their identity." I could go on and on if only I didn't have to work at 7.


Blogger Sean said...

HA aAH, psy-fi-splooge...

7/09/2005 10:51 PM  

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