I just finished the last story in Asimov's. "The Summer of the Seven" alone was worth the $4.32. I was actually kind of dissapointed with all but four of the stories. They weren't what I consider to be SciFi. A guy has nightmares about some racist shit he did as a sherif, and in his nightmares blacks are the dominant race in the South and do the same shit to him? That's not SciFi. It wasn't bad, but why was it in Asimov's?

One of the three thousand survivors of an alien race moves to Earth, marries your daughter, and impregnates her? Good story. Six children, a sextet, genetically modified to form the parts of a single organism wondering where they and their visitor, a septet, fit into the world? A fucking awesome story. Bad dreams? I don't get it.

Today's been kind of a lonely day. Its too hot to sleep. I've got to try anyways, I guess.


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