The Sony Librie. Its an eBook reader using e-ink. e-ink is basically a type of high resolution display using a bangload of little spheres suspended in oil. Each of these spheres has a white half and a black half and each half has a positive or negative charge. By applying charge to the display you can orient the spheres to have the white or black half facing outward. This is also called a bitstable display, because what's on the screen stays there when there's no power. This means when I open an eBook the librie powers up, changes the page displayed, and turns back off. I hit page down, and the same thing hapens. This means the librie is very energy efficient. You can view 10,000 pages on a set of AAA batteries. That would last me months.

Its only been released in Japan, but there's a firmware update for English menus. Sony's got draconian DRM (Digital Restriction Management) on the files in their proprietary format, but now they've released converters to get your own stuff into the format. This would be the perfect way for me to read all these Creative Commons books.

Check out the display in that pic. When people first encounter the librie, they think the display is a printed sticker. Yeah, its that nice. The quality's about equal to newspaper print.


Blogger Mr. Greene (and His Orchestra) said...

MAN, a magnet could really screw that thing up.

7/16/2005 2:26 AM  

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