I forgot to put a link to Accelerando in that last post. You can buy the book, or download it for free under the Creative Commons license. I like that.

Apparently its got some downloaded humans and space travel. A very good combination. Software based "humans" don't have our puny lifespan, and when your brain is in a computer, you can pause yourself for a few centuries while you cruise to the next galaxy over.

Here's a quote from an Entertainment Weekly review:
"Accelerando is to cyberpunk what Napster was to the music industry: volatile, visionary, a bit flawed, and a lot of fun."

There's also a short story called "Nightfall" by the same author, Charles Stross. I forgot what linked me to it, but it had somethign to do with all the research I was doing.

Hey, wow, I found the article I first heard about Accelarondo in. Its called "Is Science Fiction About to Go Blind?". I read it in the August 2004 issue of Popular Science. Its about how when the Singularity happens no one will be able to make anything like a decent prediction which is part of what Sci-Fi is all about.


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Sounds fun, cool posts.

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