You Took Credit For Its Perpetual Temporal Omniscience

I've got a huge draft in the works, and I'm reading about a new OS I need to write about called Symphony. Seems like I do a lot for my four readers. This blog has always been more for me than anything else anyways. It gives me something more tangible to show for all the time I spend staring at this glowing rectangle.

This article is about how counter-productive the mouse is. I've started using my mouse a lot more lately (I had to plug an external into LaMachina). I blame it on Komposé. One of the sad things about Linux is that a mouse is required for the GUI. In Windoze, I didn't need my mouse for anything. At all. I'm working out more keyboard shortcuts, though. I'll get it down. In fact, I just learned a new one--Win-Tab shows the Komposé display.

The biggest help in eliminating mouse use, is Firefox. In Internet Explorer, to browse the internet with no mouse is tedious. You can hit Tab 50 times just get to a link. In Firefox, you hit the / key (search) and type the first few letters of the link you want, the searcher selects it for you. Just hit Enter, and viola.

I'm going to have to check out that "Natural Born Cyborgs" book he mentioned in the article.

Side note: I'm really liking this new Coldplay album. I never cared much for Parachutes. "Fix You" is an awesome song.


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