I made it into three people's blogs today! I have a positive influence in peoples' lives! Yay for me! Here they are in the order I spotted them: Lori's, Meagan's, and Alex's.

In other news: PSP and A.I. stuff.

The movie Hitch is being relseased for the PSP. That's cool and all, but I'd rather buy the DVD which I can watch on several devices, and convert the video for the PSP. For only $4.95 Lathe seems like a good solution for doing exactly that.

There's a working homebrew PSP bootstrap floating around now. If this means what I think it means, you'd be able to download UMD dumps, throw them on your memory stick, and get them to load with this software. I know its possible to dump the contents of UMDs to the stick, but what I'd heard before was that some part of the process of bootlegging games relied on having an old version of the PSP firmware. Firmware upgrades are free and in the future games are going to require it, so that won't work for long. I haven't read too far into it, but I think this one works with the newest firmware.

Finally, control your Aibo with your PSP. I know some of you (one of you) don't 'believe' in artificial intelligence but you're just in denial. You have to redefine intelligence to say there isn't already such a thing.


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