Most of my friends have heard about freeiPods.com. Its been proven over and over again that this is legit. What you do is sign up, complete an offer (usually a free trial of some online service), and get a couple of your friends to do the same. Yeah, its basically a pyramid scheme except that this is legal.
I've had this going for quite awhile, but I can't get enough people to complete an offer.

But, yeah, this is done by a company called GratisNetwork. There's a plethora of other free stuff you can get in a similar fashion such as Photo iPods, Mini Macs, Xbox 360s, PSPs, Flat Panels (TV or monitor), Desktop PCs, free Gaming Sytems, and a couple others.

If you're going to try any of these, please use the links I have here since they're my referrals. You might get a little bit of spam, but they all have "remove me from the mailing list" links on the bottom. I got a grand total of three.

Edit: I've signed up for a few more of these and no spam yet. It looks like eFax might be the easiest offer to get away with free.


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