Large Talons

An earlier conversation with my brother. I doubt he wants everyone knowing his screenname, so I used spellchecker to change them.

(22:53:45) Roger 2004: so have you ever seen the scripps national spelling bee?
(22:55:06) Rodney 84: Is that the one where the kid passed out last year?
(22:55:16) Roger 2004: heh. i dunno
(22:55:20) Roger 2004: i always catch the very end of it
(22:55:29) Rodney 84: The word was alopecoid
(22:55:34) Rodney 84: It means "foxlike"
(22:55:42) Roger 2004: hmm
(22:55:45) Rodney 84: But, he recovered for the win
(22:55:50) Rodney 84: I heard it was hilarious
(22:55:50) Roger 2004: cool
(22:55:53) Roger 2004: well anywho
(22:56:19) Roger 2004: these kids get on there, and they give them a word
(22:56:58) Roger 2004: and they're always like, "can i have the pronunciation? andy alternate pronunciations? launguage of origin? definition?" and like fifty other things
(22:57:07) Roger 2004: well this one kid gets up there
(22:57:11) Roger 2004: and they give him the word
(22:57:18) Roger 2004: so he asks for the definition
(22:57:21) Roger 2004: so they give it to him
(22:57:36) Roger 2004: and then, in the perfect voice he asks, "do the chicken's have large tallons?"
(22:57:43) Rodney 84: LOL
(22:57:50) Roger 2004: and the judges just kinda laugh, so then he spells the word and goes back to his seat
(22:58:00) Roger 2004: and the announcers are all like, "what was that? was that a secret message?
(22:58:04) Roger 2004: it was hilarious
(22:58:10) Rodney 84: HA
(22:58:14) Rodney 84: That's awesome
(22:58:20) Roger 2004: yup
(22:58:23) Rodney 84: I'm totally blogging that

I think I misspelled alopecoid. O, the irony. He also had the link to a video of it.

Roger: but uh....just for future reference...that sight has lots of bad stuff on it


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