Doin' Time

If you were ever in prison for any reason, what would you tell your fellow inmates to keep them from 'messing' with you? Post your response as a comment or on your own blog.

Me? I'd tell them I got AIDS from my wife, and since she didn't get it from me, I had to kill her. No one wants to bumfuck a murderer with AIDS.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'd tell them that I killed my rabbits, murdered my brothers, and stole the first beemer in sight, and I suppose I should add in the AIDS too, because I don't want to be raped, because you know, that would really suck. Some where in there, there has got to be some pirating and pillaging. Like maybe from a bank. Oh yeah... And there has got to be something in there about sucking the blood of the innocent. JK... That's Ricahrd

6/02/2005 11:36 AM  

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