Since the only trends I follow are online, I'm going to say a little bit about my self esteem/security. Anyone who comes here often already knows I have some trouble with the lady-types, but there's another thing I've noticed recently. Whenever someone compliments me, I automatically assume they're being sarcastic and ask if they're serious. Always.

Example 1: Paul and I were hacking around with the computers at Best Buy, and I commandeered for myself a nice convertible laptop/tablet PC to get onto their wireless router. They were using the default password, so I got in added the PC I was on to the DMZ (I couldn't get an outside connection anyways), and changed the password to 'booger' (I know, I'm weird). But, yeah, on a tablet you write on the screen and the sofwtare converts it to type. The comp Paul was at was useless so he came over to watch me and said, "Nice handwriting". He didn't even use a particularly sarcastic tone of voice. I responded, "Seriously?", and he said, "Yeah, but your Gs are weird," or something to that effect.

I know I called that Example 1, but I can't think of an Example 2 right now. I'm sure it'll come to me later if I use the Erueka Effect.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I have to admit, Paul is correct. You do have nice handwriting. I don't recall anything that caught my attention about a 'g' or anything. But yeah... it's like legible... that's freakin' crazy cool!

6/09/2005 2:10 AM  

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