So Shiny

I want a PSP so bad. They're so shiny that sometimes when a person takes a picture of the screen to put on their hacks page, you see their reflection on its case. Oh, how I pine for thee Play Station Portable.

But, I'm pretty much broke and a DVD burner is higher on the list of priorities, so for now all I can do is look up sweet hacks. Some are wicked cool, some are kinda lame. For anyone interested, most of the ones I like require the game Wipeout Pure. WP has a pretty much fully functional web browser, that's been crippled to do nothing but download updates for the game, but with some DNS trickery, you can get it to go just about anywhere.

This one is the easiest way to unlock the browser in Wipeout Pure. You can ignore all the stuff about RSS feeds. Even if you don't know what Bloglines is (I don't) the hack is still quite usefull.

H4XOR3D BY DONALD TRUMP This one has a lot of potential. Lots.

Here's a list of hacks that's already been gathered up. My favorite being how to get manga on your PSP. That might be reserved for us uber-nerds.

Speaking of uber-nerds, my roomie and I went by the costume shop today to see about some Jedi robes. That idea got nixed real fast. All they had to buy was Boba Fett's helmet, and a $97.99 Darth Vader costume. They do rentals, but the cheapest (crappiest) was $75 for 48 hours. All we really wanted were the basic robes. Something with a bigass hood. Tomorrow's research will center around free online material patterns and maybe procuring a cheap cheap sewing machine.


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