A lightsaber can help convince an assailant that no means no

HowStuffWorks.com Is an awesome site. They now have an article on how lightsabers work. Not as in-depth as some things I've read, but a lot more accessible. Ya know how there are a ton of books on the technology of Star Wars, and the vehicles of Star Wars, and the weapons of Star Wars, so on, so on? Back in 8th grade when the original movies were digitally remastered and re-released in theaters, my good buddy Luke (heh heh), got the weapons of Star Wars book. Very interesting to read.

Back to the article, I'm really surprised that it didn't mention the fact that the primary crystal determines the color of the blade. Maybe they figured everybody whose anybody already knew? Another thing they neglected to mention is how the saber recycles energy, so barely any energy is consumed unless the blade is actually in contact with something. I cringe to think of how much Qui-Gon drained his power cell melting through that blast door. One thing they got wrong, if I remember correctly, is that a light saber has more energy than a blaster. Actually, nearly all weapons that consume any kind of energy use the same kind of power cell, including Chewbaca's bowcaster.

Man, I could talk about this all day if I'd read about more than a handful of the weapons in that book.


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