Lame Robe

This is the robe my roomie got. Maybe, its just that goofy looking model, but it doesn't look that great to me, and its not worth $50 + S&H. Making my own will be more fun.

There's a $30 one too. Possibly more worth the cost. I see no difference from the other one.

Some of your opinions would be fun. Post them as comments. Should I buy, or make? Thanks in advance.


Blogger Loreli said...

You'd probably spend nearly $30 on all the parts for making the robe. The cheaper one online looks just like the other one. People surprise me with what they're willing to spend money on sometimes. Anyway, my vote is the $30 robe. Less work, about the same cost, not a waste of money.

5/13/2005 1:58 PM  

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