Be As l33t As You Want To Be

Woah. I have to commend Meagan. It seems the religious wars are over, but then again my view is skewed by these beautiful mountains and living 800 miles away from all but a precious few of my good friends. I am going to change the main idea of this post, and take a moment to remember my old computer repair philosophy: "Whatever works for you."

This has nothing to do with religion, but since I didn't partake of that war I was going to try to start my own OS war. But, like I tell people when I'm fixing their computers and they apologize for their old hardware, "Whatever works for you." I'm sure you all know there's a much cheaper operating system out there that's considered superior to Windows in many ways. But there's also a more familiar OS that you're probably already looking at right now.

I'm still going to encourage you to read the article that inspired the original idea for this post. I'm not even going to pretend this is as important as many other things people can talk about, but this is what I'm interested in and I'd love to have discussions with all of you and cut out this "Your OS sucks" stuff I've been guilty of lately.

Whatever works for you. Windows is bloated and overpriced, but you've already paid for it, so why not keep using it?


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