Sweet Ride

My plan for the last two or three years has been for the first brand new car I buy out of college to be a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. I'm still sticking to it, but now I have a backup plan. Now, I'm gettin' a Smart Car. Not the fastest thing on the road, but it gets killer gas mileage (over 4 times what I get right now), and it looks pretty cool. The Wired article says the body panels are almost as easy to change as a cell phone face plate, so I could drive a different color car for each day of the week, just like my daydream of having a different Mini Cooper for each day of the week once I get rich.
I don't know much about cars, so if it looks cool and runs well it usually meets my standards. You can also read this MSNBC article.


Bone Conduction Hearing

I noticed people have actually been comming here, so I need to get a lot better at posting more often. The problem is I still don't have as much time. I did find one cool article today though about bone condution hearing and a few consumer products that use it. One of them is the FingerWhisper. Its a phone that you wear like a wristwatch. You put your finger in your ear as a speaker and when you speak, your voice is picked up by a microphone on the device around your wrist.
Fun stuff. A few years ago, I heard about a sucker that came with a handle that let you listen to the radio when you bit down on the candy, but I'd have no idea where to find it now.
Time, now, to get caught up on some homework.