Video Container Formats

I'm not too good at this, I guess. I've got to post more often. I've got something good, though. Video container formats. Much fun for those who download a lot of videos, especially anime.
One of my roommates had mentioned that the people that make the Ogg Vorbis audio compression format (the best there is) had now made a video compression format. I'd never heard anything about it, so I went to the Vorbis website, but I couldn't find anything on it. Now that I know what I'm looking for, I still can't find anything on their site. While looking for things to download I happened across the .ogm format. Then, a few days ago, the same roomie downloaded some episodes of Berserk which ended up being in the format. He tried to play the videos, but he could only get the video with no audio. Being the resident geek, I was commissioned to find a solution.
What I finally found was the Lazy Man's Guide to Ogg Media. A very useful site. If you've inadvertently downloaded some .ogm files and are trying to get them to play, this is the place to go. While reading here, I found that rather than a new compression format, Ogg Media is a video container format, which means a single video file can contain multiple audio tracks and subtitle streams. The video is actually encoded with XviD (supposedly better than DivX) and the audio is in ogg.
Toward the bottom of the page, I found links about Matroska, another video container format. These come with the .mkv extension. I actually had a few videos in this format and was impressed that it had both English and Japanese audio tracks. I didn't know anything else about it until I found the Lazy Man's Guide today, though. Turns out Matroska just does what Ogg Media does, but better.
I found the best player for these formats is Media Player Classic. One of the best features of this program is its size. Its one of those awesome programs you don't have to actually install to use and uncompressed its only 1.27MB. You could fit that on a floppy, and that's rare these days.
Alright, well, have fun with these new video formats, and if anyone finds anything interesting you think I'd like to know, post it as a comment.


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