Harcdore Librarians

I guess its time I get around to my first post. For the most part, I think these are going to be small reports on my roamings around the net. Usually starting at /. and then going wherever the links take me. Today actually stared at www.Wired.com. I'm really starting to like this site. There was an article called Don't Mess With Librarians about how librarians are standing up to preserve our right to privacy. Apparently the Patriot Act says that the feds can get all kinds of info about the info and books we look up from our public libraries and when it happens the librarians can't say anything about it.

I have a new respect for librarians, and I think this is just awesome. That's from the Librarian Avengers site about why we, "should fall to our knees and worship a librarian". One librarian, who I only know of as Jessamyn has made some signs for librarys you can find here. My favorite says, "The FBI has not been here [watch closely for the removal of this sign]". Jessamym, a pretty radical librarian, as also made a "famous" naked librarians page. I'll leave you to find that yourself.

Yeah, I guess that's it for now. You can come back now and then to see what kind of crazy random stuff I research in a day.

Heh. I finally got around to going back to www.megatokyo.com, the best web commic ever. I found a good example of what I don't want this blog to be. Kevin Rose of The Broken and some other stuff has a site that seems worth aspiring to.


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